• I am in awe of the profound and quickly-realized life-changing health effects I am helping patients achieve with LENS Neurofeedback. Dr. Peter May, Berkshire County, MA LENS Neurofeedback Practitioner
  • My goal and mission has always been to help people reclaim their health to improve their lives. Dr. Peter May, Pittsfield, MA LENS Neurofeedback Practitioner
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What Is LENS

There is a silent epidemic of mental health issues in our country. Other than drugs, that sometimes work with limited and variable success, and all too often cause significant adverse effects, the medical model has little to offer. Now, LENS brainwave biofeedback offers a safe and effective drug-free approach to treating most of these patients. LENS Info

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How LENS Works

LENS Neurofeedback acts like a catalyst that activates the brain's own capacity for self-regulation and self-healing, to restore optimal brain function.

Addressing the brain in its own electromagnetic language, LENS opens the way for the brain to defragment and reboot, allowing it to get past frozen, dysfunctional, patterns. How LENS Neurofeedback Works

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Dr. Peter May

I continue to be amazed at the quickly-realized and profound positive changes my patients are experiencing in their lives with LENS treatments; routinely reporting increased energy and focus, improved sleep, feeling happier, calmer, less anxious-depressed-irritable, etc…often in less than 6 sessions.Neurofeedback Provider