Help for Tourette’s: LENS Neurofeedback – Case Reports

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LENS Neurofeedback successfully treats Tourette's

LENS Neurofeedback Provides Help For Tourette’s

One of my favorite LENS cases involves a 15 year old boy who presented with a nine year history of severe Tourette’s. His symptoms were severe and typical: eye blinking, whistling noises, mouth twitching and sucking on his lower lip until it was raw. His parents also noted that he ‘had a short fuse, was explosive, easily frustrated, exhibited impulsive behaviors and lacked focus.’

By the age of 15 he had to withstand the barbs and jokes hurled at him by other kids for many years.

He had routine medical care for the entire nine years with no success.

After a short course of LENS Neurofeedback treatments the Tourette’s resolved.

After 5 treatments over 5 weeks his parents reported:

“Eye blinking and mouth movement is 99% non-existent. His spirits and outlook have improved dramatically. His compulsive reactions have also decreased and he has better self control. There is hope!”

Two years later his younger brother got hit in the head with a baseball. Subsequently, his eyes repeatedly darted side to side and rolled back in his head. His father brought him to see me. I suggested a complete neurological work-up to rule out bleeding or other significant pathology. His parents took him to a pediatric neurologist who, over time ruled out significant brain pathology, and diagnosed him as having Tourette’s Syndrome, onset co-incidental to being hit in the head with the baseball.

He remained under medical care for the next eight months.

On his 10th birthday he asked his parents if he could see me as his birthday present so that I, with LENS Neurofeedback, could fix him as I did his brother.

The whole family came in for the first visit. It was the first time in two years that I had seen his older brother, now 17, and still Tourette’s-free.

By the time the 10 year old came into my office he still had all of the eye movements (side to side and rolling back in his head) and he had a rather constant repetitive neck twitch (like someone throwing their neck to the side to get their hair bangs away from their eyes).

After only 4 LENS treatments over 4 weeks his parents reported: “The fourth week has gone great again! He is doing remarkably better. We are amazed at after just 4 treatments the results he has had!”

The young man is virtually tic-free. He continues to treat every 2 weeks (so far for a total of 7 LENS treatments). He has occasional eye blinking that occurs only with high stress and fatigue. I am reasonably confident this will dissipate with a few more visits.


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