Feeding Your MindBody: Part II

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Healthy food for a healthy life

Okay, our diets are making us sick and killing us so, what do we eat?

The short answer:

Every living species has species-specific nutritional requirements for health and, hardwired into its DNA, the innate intelligence to eat that species-specific diet to fulfill those needs.

Individuality regarding nutrition is only applicable to individual species, NOT to individual members of a species. Every member of each species has the same nutritional requirements because every member of every species has the same genome. This is, in fact, how species type is determined.”

“That means our genetic code determines what we need to eat to be healthy, and the degree to which our dietary habits match our genetic nutritional requirements will determine our genetic expression of health or sickness. It has nothing whatsoever to do with blood type, metabolic type, blood tests, muscle testing, height, weight or race any more than it has to do with political or religious affiliation or personal beliefs.”

Alligators, whales, beavers, flies, mosquitoes, worms and bumblebees, etc., all know exactly what and how much to eat to be healthy. It is wired into their genetic code to know, as it is ours.

In fact, unlike animals, humans have nutritionists, thousands of diet books and plans, and tens of thousands of food-products to choose from in the supermarkets. And yet, we are so sick.

Does anyone really need to tell you that chemical-foods like coke, chips, Wonder Bread, donuts, chicken nuggets and Captain Crunch are bad for you and that broccoli, spinach, chicken (with the skin on), steak, pork, olives and cucumbers are healthy foods? Sadly, at this point in America, the answer is yes. That’s how successful the brainwashing of incessant marketing has been to convince us to eat unhealthy foods. And, that doesn’t bode well for the health of our children and future generations.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea what real food is, have no taste for it, won’t spend the money on it and, won’t feed it to their kids. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of Americans, and their kids, are so sick. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, auto-immune diseases, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, etc, are pandemic. The disconnect between our toxic diets and the resulting sickness is stunning.

So, what is real food? The basics:

Real food lives, grows, dies, and rots in nature.
Real food is not processed in any way and therefore has no labels.
Real food includes animal meats, fish and poultry (all preferably grass fed) vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.
The best real foods come from your garden or from local farms. In the supermarket, the real foods are found along the periphery: the vegetables, meats-fish-poultry, and eggs.
Healthy meals and snacks are made from real foods.

Basic real food rules:

Eat three wholesome healthy meals a day: breakfast-lunch—dinner.

Breakfast is the most important meal. Start your day with proteins…eggs, meat, etc;  (lose the toast and potatoes).
Avoid snacking. If you must snack, reach only for real foods.
Even some real foods are problematic for many people. Eliminate, or seriously limit, your consumption of all grains/corn/wheat, in all their forms (breads, pastas, cheeses, etc.), and all dairy products (milk, cheese, etc).

Basic meal planning:

Build all of your meals around a portion of protein (meat-fish-poultry with the fat!) about the size of your palm (1-2 servings per meal), and fill the rest of your plate with as many above ground vegetables you want.
Eat as many eggs in a day as you can hold in your hand.
Eat healthy oils from meats, avocados, olives, coconuts, nuts, etc.
Cook using animal fats.
Eat some fruit.
Drink pure water.

Foods to seriously avoid:

Avoid all fast foods, snack foods, sodas, juices, vitamin drinks, milk, etc. = avoid fast food restaurants, most other restaurants, convenience stores and the center aisles of the supermarket.
Avoid eating or cooking with plant oils and Trans fats. You can eat, but not cook with, olive and coconut oil.
Avoid all foods labeled ‘low-fat’ and foods with health claims (vitamin C fortified, omega 3 enriched, heart healthy, etc)
Lose all processed foods, all forms of sugar (high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners—natural or otherwise—etc.) breads, pastas and, milk and dairy products.

Supplements: (use the highest quality only) You cannot supplement your way to health. Supplements are no replacement for food. You must eat real food.

Omega 3 fish oils
Vitamin D (from sunshine mostly)

There are many great books on food that explain what influences our food choices, what and how we need to eat to be healthy, and recipe books to create nutritious meals with healthy foods. Read them! It could save your life.

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