LENS Neurofeedback FAQ

What is LENS?

Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is a unique type of neurofeedback that nudges the brain out of maladaptive brainwave patterns it is stuck in, allowing it to restore homeostatis, to reset itself for optimal performance.

Benefits of LENS NeurofeedbackWho Can Benefit From LENS?

LENS is not diagnosis-based. We are treating a dysfunctional brain, one that is stuck in maladaptive brainwave patterns and the associated neurochemistry. LENS does not give one a new brain. It can only help optimize the one you have. It works best on patients who, at one point, were normal functioning in their lives, and then something (a singular episode, multiple or repeated exposures) happened to change them. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to matter how long ago that was.

LENS can help you if you face challenges in many areas, including:


LENS is exceptionally effective at reducing of anxiety. Most clients begin to experience improvement within 4-6 sessions. LENS also improves resilience, the ability to handle stress, and helps create a sense of calm in difficult situations.


LENS helps lift depression—sometimes even when it has been resistant to other treatments. Energy and motivation can also increase and a client may once again experience a positive sense of health and well being.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

In mild and moderate TBI, clarity, concentration/focus, memory, multi-tasking and energy can significantly and quickly improve.


LENS decreases impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity. The world becomes easier to navigate. Life becomes less of a struggle for the patient and parent.

Substance Abuse

Because LENS is so effective at treating anxiety, depression and poor impulse control, it can be tremendously helpful for people withdrawing from, and working at staying away from, addictive substances.

Autism, Aspergers, OCD, Hair Pulling, Eating Disorders

Again, because LENS is so effective at treating anxiety, depression and poor impulse control, there is often dramatic improvement in a variety of disorders where these symptoms are present.

LENS Neurofeedback And ChildrenDo You Work With Children?

Yes. A large part of my practice is devoted to children, adolescents, and teens, largely with issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, explosive behavior and anger. Interestingly, after a few sessions, most children describe themselves as happier.

How effective is LENS

The success rate is remarkable. Over 75% of clients benefit significantly, often noticing improvement within 6 visits! Once a full course of treatments (usually 10-20 sessions) is completed, for most people treatment is done.  And, the changes are enduring. There is no need to receive LENS on an ongoing basis.

How Do You Know LENS Is That Effective?

On each and every visit I have the patients do a form of journaling to document their progress. I hand them a blank piece of paper and a pen and ask them; “write down if you noticed something different, if not…write no change.” What they are writing is remarkable. I invite you to come in and read the stories of their profound improvements, in their own writing. (All personal information has been removed to protect their privacy)

How Does LENS work?

While performing a standard 21-site EEG, sophisticated computer technology and software captures and analyzes brainwaves, and coverts them into an infinitesimal electromagnetic radio wave signal that is fed back to the brain for a fraction of a second. The signal interrupts dysfunctional brainwave patterns, allowing the brain to re-boot back to normal brainwave patterns and the associated neurochemistry. It is analogous to optimizing the hardware, which makes the programs run better!

How Safe Is LENS?

LENS is extremely safe. In over 75,000 clients treated with LENS, there has not been a single reported case of enduring negative effects.

“LENS is an FDA-certified Class II device. It is 510K exempt. The Class II 510K exempt medical device classification is a less restrictive certification than a 510-K, meaning that LENS is considered by the FDA as safer than the 510-K devices–which includes most other biofeedback and neurofeedback devices.”

Are There Any Side-effects?

On occasion, some patients experience very transient (lasting only a few hours) side-effects such as feeling wired, tired, spacey, or have a mild headache. I consider these side-effects as a positive response, as an indication that the patient’s brain is interacting with the LENS. This is usually a good prognostic indicator.

Will LENS adversely affect my positive qualities?

Not at all. Only frozen, stuck patterns are affected. Healthy brainwave patterns are flexible and resilient. When there is a tiny fluctuation they automatically spring back to that healthy state.

LENS Neurofeedback Alternative TreatmentWhy is LENS Unique?

Both elegant simplicity and quick results are the hallmarks of LENS treatments.

Both traditional Neurofeedback and biofeedback are active training processes in which the patient is training their mind to regulate their brain. As in all trainings, this takes time commitment and effort and depends on the trainability of the patient; often requiring 40+ sessions to see changes, with a typical session lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

LENS is completely passive. The patient doesn’t take, feel, or do anything, other than sit still for a few moments while a brief, tiny signal is fed back to the brain. The signal does all the work.

Do I Have To Stop Taking My Medications To Do LENS?

No. Medication does not diminish the effectiveness of LENS. There is no need to stop or reduce your medication, which should only be done in conjunction with your healthcare provider.

How Long Has LENS Therapy Been Around?

LENS has been used by practitioners since 1992. There are over 500 practitioners world-wide who have treated more than 75,000 patients.

Will My Insurance Cover LENS treatments?


How Much Does LENS treatment cost?

Current rates: $175.00 for the first visit (about an hour long)

$ 75.00 for subsequent visits (20- 40 minutes long)

How Can I Find Out More About LENS?

Read The Healing Power of Neurofeedbackby Stephen Larsen, which is specifically about LENS. You can also browse my blog for articles and interviews.