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I am in awe of the profound and quickly-realized life-changing health effects I am helping patients achieve by optimizing brain functions with LENS Neurofeedback.

Dr. Peter May
LENS Neurofeedback Research and StudiesBelow, is a list of supporting materials on the history, usage and benefits of LENS neurofeedback.

However, while research is important and has been hailed as the gold standard in medicine,  let’s never lose track of the following…

1) Many of the effects of medicine’s drugs and invasive procedures are related to the placebo effect. 2) The value of empirical evidence ie:  the observation and experience that LENS works. I have a documented 70%-75% success rate with my patients.

Perhaps unique to my practice, I have each and every patient, and/or parent, significant other, etc. do a form of journaling on each and every visit. On each visit I hand them a sheet of paper and a pen and tell them to “write down if you noticed anything different. If you didn’t notice anything, write no change.

Quite simply; their instructions are: “do not look for anything that isn’t there, but do pay attention to, and write down, anything subtle and different as a result of the treatment.”

That they are writing is amazing. What they are writing is incredible! Every patient testimonial throughout this website is quoted from their writings. I have a notebook full of them that I share with patients with this caveat: “If while you are reading this notebook you do not say “WOW” out loud, I will be amazed.” It never fails to “wow” them.

This notebook serves as the best research tool that I have; actual remarkable patient results. I invite all prospective patients to read what other patients are writing (of course, patient confidentiality is preserved).

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