Treating Anxiety, OCD & Tourette’s With LENS

LENS Neurofeedback is exceptionally effective at reducing of anxiety, and can help with anxiety-related or anxiety-driven disorders such as OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome. Most patients begin to experience improvement within 4 to 6 sessions. As anxiety dissipates, patients find they can handle stress better and have a greater sense of inner peace and calm.

I am calmer and more focused. I feel that my mind and thoughts are normal and more balanced.

29 year old male: chronic anxiety

Anxiety related disorders: Panic Disorder / OCD / Tourette’s

According to a report by MedCo

LENS therapy for treatment of anxiety“Overall, the number of Americans on medications used to treat psychological and behavioral disorders has substantially increased since 2001; more than one-in-five adults was on at least one of these medications in 2010, up 22 percent from ten years earlier. Women are far more likely to take a drug to treat a mental health condition than men, with more than a quarter of the adult female population on these drugs in 2010 as compared to 15 percent of men.

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric illnesses affecting children and adults. An estimated 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders.

Medco data shows that women have the highest utilization rate of anti-anxiety medications; in fact, 11 percent of middle-aged women (ages 45-64) were on an anti-anxiety drug treatment in 2010, nearly twice the rate of their male counterparts (5.7 percent). The most notable increase in the use of these medications was seen in children ages 10-19; utilization increased among this age group by almost 50 percent.”

These statistics are beyond alarming! Houston, we have a problem; and, I assure you, that the problem is not a psychotropic medication deficiency syndrome, as the data would suggest.

In their effort to “do something” for these patients, the medical model plies them with medications, some of which may help some of the people, some of the time. All of which have potentially significant adverse effects for both short-term and long-term use. None of which cure anything. Hence, the lifetime scripts.

LENS Neurofeedback offers a very safe and effective treatment for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders such as, as PTSD, Panic Disorder, OCD, Tourette’s, and even addictions.

LENS can work as an adjunct to medications and/or talk therapy, or as a very safe and effective stand-alone treatment.

LENS Neurofeedback is exceptionally effective at reducing of anxiety. Most clients begin to experience improvement within the first 4-6 sessions. LENS also improves resilience, the ability to handle stress, and helps create a sense of calm in difficult situations.

I have a decrease in overall pain. I feel more aware and brighter. I have increased energy.

60 year old female: chronic fibromyalgia

I feel calmer now, much better, less introverted. I have never been so content. No paranoia

16 year old male: anxiety, anger, apathy

LENS Neurofeedback Treated Disorders