What Patients Are Saying About LENS

I am calmer and more focused. I feel that my mind and thoughts are normal and more balanced.

29 year old male: chronic anxiety

I have a decrease in overall pain. I feel more aware and brighter. I have increased energy.

60 year old female: chronic fibromyalgia

I feel calmer now, much better, less introverted. I have never been so content. No paranoia

16 year old male: anxiety, anger, apathy

My body feels more relaxed. I feel mellow. It feels as though my entire body has undergone ‘spell-check.’

68 year old female: multiple brain injuries, PTSD

Eye blinking and mouth movement is 99% non-existent. His spirits and outlook have improved dramatically. There is hope. His impulsive reactions have also decreased…better self-control

15 year old: Tourette's Syndrome x 9 years (father's observations after 5 visits

I am sleeping better. I calm down when I am angry. I haven’t really gotten mad at all lately.

16 year old male: ADD/ADHD, anger, stress

“I’ve noticed that I do feel calmer and I’ve slept better. I feel less stressed overall. Coping better.”

64 year old female: depression/grief, stress-not able to deal with conflict, anxiety sleep loss

Sleep improvement. More energy and stamina during the day!

67 year old female: Fibromyalgia x 8 years, migraines